Dear Dremel Customers,


The Dremel Shop store is now shut down for purchases. 

The Dremel Digilab brand has been licensed to 3PI Tech Solutions, Inc. for use with our 3D Printers, filaments and accessories. These products will no longer be available on or supplied by Bosch. The Dremel Digilab products can be viewed and purchased on 3PI's website here



  Where can I buy Dremel Tools and Accessories?

If you wish to learn more and purchase Dremel tools, accessories and attachments, they are available at all major home improvement retail partners in the US or Amazon. Please visit to find your preferred online retailer or a store near you. 

 What if I recently placed an order with Dremel Shop? 

We will continue to process all orders placed until 11/9/2021. If you wish to return any of the items purchased, we will continue to honor our 30 day return policy. 

 Have questions? 

Visit our Contact page and choose your preferred way of getting in touch with our Customer Service.

The Dremel Team will be happy to help you. 


Thank you for your continuous loyalty and for being a part of the Dremel family. 

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