MM495U Multi-Max Universal Oscillating Accessory Set

• Variety set for all your remodeling and restoring projects
• No adaptor required
• The dual interface fits most Oscillating Tools in the market, including the ones with quick change

Includes: 2 MM450U, 2 MM480U, 1 MM610U, 1 MM482U, 3 MM70W, 1 MM910

  • MM450U 2 - this wood and drywall saw blade is ideal for making precise cuts in wood and drywall material, applications include cutting openings in flooring for venting, repairing damaged flooring and cutting openings for electrical boxes
  • MM480U 2 high-performance flush cut blade is great for precision applications, including cutting doorjambs and baseboards for flooring installation. 1-1/4 in. W blade can make plunge cuts up to 1 in. - 5/8 in. D
  • MM610U - the flexible scraper blade is great for removing soft materials such as caulk, coats of peeling paint and other soft adhesives
  • MM482U - a narrow 1-1/4 in. W gets into tight spaces and a handy depth ruler on top of the blade indicates how deep you've plunged up to 1-5/8 in., the hacksaw-like tooth pattern helps the blade cut into plastic, drywall, wood and soft metal with control and precision
  • MM70W 3 - includes 1-sheet of 60-grit sandpaper for rough wood or metal sanding and rust or old finish removal, 1-sheet of 120-grit sandpaper for general wood or metal sanding and 1-sheet of 240-grit sandpaper for the finishing touch of wood, metal, plaster and other surfaces
  • MM910 - featuring 60-grit diamond abrasive the MM910 is ideal for removing paint or oil stains from driveways, excess mortar from bricks, and rust from patio furniture, preparing the surface for tile replacement is also a common application for this accessory, requires MM11 or MM14 hook and loop pad accessory

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