7760 PawControl Pet Nail Grinding Kit

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Easy and safe to use
USB rechargeable
Silent motor
Save money with pet nail grooming at home!

The Dremel® PawControl™ is designed to easily and safely trim pets’ nails. Instead of taking a trip to the groomer, pet owners can comfortably groom their pet from the comfort of their own home. Equipped with a nail guard attachment and 45-degree angled paw guide, the compact and lightweight PawControl makes trimming pets’ nails intuitive - even for new users - and provides more control during the grooming process.  Complete with an EZ Twist™ nose cap and a variety of easy-to-change accessories, the PawControl is intended for both first-timers and experienced groomers. Features like the on/off variable speed slide switch allow for precise control during the grooming process, all with the slide of a switch.

And if you need a step by step,
our Quick Start Guide is included to help!

Flexibility to get your pet's nails groomed
anywhere you want around your house.

Convenient USB charger makes it
even easier for you

What's Inside

  • 7760 Rotary Tool
  • AT01-PGA Nail Guard Attachment
  • 407 - 60 Grit Sanding Band & Mandrel
  • 408 - 1/2" 60 Grit Sanding Band
  • SD60 PGK - Sanding Discs
  • USB Cord & 5V Power Adaptor
  • Quick Start Guide and Manual

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