HanRo's Favorites


Hank Robinson is a husband, father of three, US Army Veteran and an incredibly talented metal engraving artist.

He discovered a passion for multi-material engraving in 2011 and founded Hanro Studios. Not only is his work incredibly beautiful, but through making he also helps multiple veteran organizations and gives back to our fellow heroes out there.

Hank has been a part of the Dremel family for years and we feel honored to be part of his life and his purpose. Seeing how many people out there wanted to start making and creating, we worked together to create three different kits to help you get started – Hank’s Favorites.

I hope you like the selection and enjoy the awesome projects you'll create!

“It is my mission to always strive towards exceeding expectations and providing my clients with original hand engravings that speak to their unique requests; while ensuring that the love and appreciation I have for my work shines through.”

- Hank R.