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HR-01 The Staff Sergeant - Ultimate Engraving Kit

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Hank's prime selection for engraving projects
Includes exclusive premium metal case

We partnered with Hank to create the ideal engraving sets for you.

The Staff Sergeant is the ultimate set you’ll need for your engraving projects. Hank handpicked his favorite Dremel tool, bits and to top it all- it comes in a sweet metal case where you can keep all your items organized.

What's Inside

  • Dremel metal case
  • Dremel 4000 + Flex-Shaft
  • Metal Working Accessory Kit (which can be used as a case!)
  • Multi Chuck
  • 106 Engraving Cutter (2-Pack)
  • 107 Engraving Cutter (2x 2-Pack)
  • 113 Engraving Cutter (2x)
  • 9903, 9904, 9905, 9906, 9909, 9910 and Carbide Cutters (1x each)
  • Small Dremel duffle bag


These are my favorite engraving bits for very detailed designs.

Use them for brass, copper and aluminum (softer metals).

Try them at different speeds and directions until you get used to controlling it. I suggest setting your Dremel to 25.000-30.000 RPMs.


These bits have a very high durability due to their carbide material – it’s harder than steel.

I recommend these for when you want to engrave any material harder than aluminum.

Try them at different speeds to get used to it. I suggest using them at 30.000 RPMs.

Choose different models according to shape and sizes of bit heads.

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