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Laser Cutter Materials


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Cut and engrave dozens of materials to bring your ideas to life with precision and ease. Our most popular project materials are available to order in 5 bundles, conveniently cut and configured to fit your DigiLab Laser Cutter.

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Our material bundles mean no guesswork, so you can just get to work. Watch your wildest maker visions turn an ordinary piece of material into an extraordinary personalized project with one of our five pre-bundled material packs, cut and configured to fit your DigiLab Laser Cutter and rigorously tested for safety. Plus, we’ve programmed each material type into your DigiLab Laser Cutter software for the optimal cut every time.

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Each piece of material is cut to 20” x 12” which is precisely sized to fit the bed of your DigiLab Laser Cutter, so there’s no need to make any additional cuts or adjustments. Just place the material inside your laser cutter to get started.


Your laser settings are all set.

We’ve tested each bundled material to determine the perfect laser settings, and pre-programmed them into the material library on your DigiLab software. Just navigate to your material library from the Laser’s LCD screen, select the material listed on the dropdown menu, and start creating.

Making Without Limits.

Five simple materials  and thousands of creative Laser Cutter projects later, we’re sharing the maker submissions that inspire us.



Project Inspiration

To see more DigiLab Laser Cutter creations, visit our Dremel Project Gallery.



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(5pk) 1/8” Plywood – Walnut or Birch

Plywood is constructed of five single-ply, high quality hardwood layers laminated together with their wood grains stacked at right angles to each other for added strength, stiffness and dimensional stability.


(5pk) 1/8” Acrylic – Clear, Matte, or Blue

Acrylic (PMMA) is a single-ply decorate sheet material with brilliant shades of color, suited as a signage component or substrate, with benefits of glass in a lightweight, scratch resistant material.

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LC40 Commonly Used Materials
  Engrave Score Cut
Acrylic Compatible Compatible Compatible
Birch Plywood Compatible Compatible Compatible
Solid Maple Compatible Compatible Compatible
Solid Oak Compatible Compatible Compatible
Solid Walnut Compatible Compatible Compatible
Glass Compatible Compatible Not Compatible
Paper Compatible Compatible Compatible
Matboard Compatible Compatible Compatible
Unstained leather Compatible Compatible Compatible
Rubber Compatible Compatible Compatible
Felt Not Recommended Compatible Compatible
Cork Compatible Compatible Not Recommended
Cotton Compatible Compatible Compatible
Anodized Aluminum Compatible Compatible Not Compatible
Cardboard Compatible Compatible Compatible
Denim Compatible Compatible Compatible
Walnut Plywood Compatible Compatible Compatible

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