Versa Power Scrubber Variety Pack

Non scratch pad: general purpose fiber scouring pad for tough jobs without scratching on pots, pans, grill exterior, sink, stove, and more
Eraser pad: multipurpose microabrasive pad to be used on walls, floors, doors, shoes, glass and more
Heavy duty pad: embedded grit abrasive pad for tough, stuck on messes and to remove paint from wood as well as rust from metal

With four versatile accessories, you can effortlessly scrub away dirt, scum and grease from almost any surface inside and outside your home. From polishing delicate surfaces to powering through rust, you can quickly change accessories to take on every chore. Choose from 4 different accessories including the Eraser Pad, Non-Scratch Pad, Bristle Brush, and or Heavy Duty Pad.

Eraser Pad

The Dremel Versa Eraser Pad gently removes dirt, stains and scuff marks from hard surfaces. Perfect for doors, walls, floors and more, the micro-abrasive surface can be used dry or with water.


Non-Scratch Pad

General purpose fiber scouring pad designed to get into corners and tight spaces. Great for surfaces that require scrubbing without scratching, such as pots, pans, sinks, drains, tubs and more.

Heavy Duty Pad

Embedded grit abrasive pad that cuts through tough, stuck on messes in even the tightest spaces. Aggressively removes stubborn scum and baked-on food and surface scratches on your wood furniture. Recommended for patio furniture, paint removal, uncoated cookware, and more.

Versa Grill Patio


  • PC362-3 Eraser Pad - 1 Piece
  • PC363-3 Non-Scratch Pad - 1 Piece
  • PC361-3 Heavy Duty Pad - 3 Pieces

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